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Hello everyone!

In the internet of old, people used to host recommendation lists featuring the websites and blogs of their friends and favourites. After talking about the importance of circle promotion with a fellow webcomicker, I decided to write this post, recommending webcomics and comics creators whose work I like. /// Tällä sivulla promoan toisia (netti)sarjakuvataiteilijoita, joiden teoksista tykkään.

(The list is in no particular order and I’ll update it occasionally to add new people.)

Anni K.

  • Transfusions Transfusions is a love story between Dylan, a media student, and a young, arrogant vampire called Joa. Their relationship develops from threats and bickering into a gentle but passionate romance.
  • The Witch Door Katariina Lehto and Jousia Muotka are neighbors. They haven’t talked to each other, until one day a mischievous cat leads Katariina into Jousia’s apartment. Katariina tells Jousia that she’s a nurse, but not that she’s on a sick leave because of burnout. Jousia tells her that he’s a clairvoyant, but not that he’s actually a witch. However, they find out about each other’s secrets, and Jousia decides to help Katariina by introducing her to the many wondrous places behind a mysterious witch door.

H-P Lehkonen

  • After The Fog (on his Patreon) What happens when one person from a polyamorous relationship passes away from cancer? Sumu is gone and his husband Mikko and boyfriend Xan are left alone, dealing with their sorrow and trying to find a way to keep their family together, even if they never actually got to know each other without Sumu.

Sara Valta

  • Alchemilla Adventurer Valo and magical counselor Fabumus are ready to find out what kind of secrets the city of Alchemilla holds. Or at least they think they are. Their journey just might end up them digging too deep into both the city’s and their own pasts. And maybe even the past, present and the future of the whole land.
  • autobio, fantasy and erotic comics (Instagram)



  • Riverbound Riverbound is fantasy adventure, drawing inspiration from the mythology of my homeland, Finland. The story follows a group of people trying to find out why the rivers are drying and the dead won’t truly die. Mixed in are a few missing parental figures, lots of magic and mayhem, and maybe even love?

Maaria Laurinen

  • Phantomland Chie is a young rookie who receives her training from the baddest, meanest veteran officer around. Welcome to Santa Luison, a city that employs the undead to fight crime. (On Tapas)

Seaquential Arts

  • Heirs of the Veil The inexperienced witch Victoria Seel arrives in the town Port Arbores after receiving a mysterious letter from her mother, who has vanished under peculiar circumstances a year prior. After a run-in with a wind-spirit, the secret protector of the town called the Strayer might be able to help her, but the search for clues turns out to be more difficult than first expected. Soon Victoria has to face a threat directly linked to her mother’s disappearance. Heirs of the Veil is an Urban Fantasy story, that deals with topics of taking on responsibilities and growing up and is directed at age 15+. (Also on Tapas)


  • A Week In Warrigilla A Week In Warrigilla is an online graphic novel about Hazel and Willie, two ace/aro girls who get trapped in a supernatural region while road-tripping through rural Queensland. The comic is inspired by surreal horror and mystery adventure fiction, centring on collaboration and companionship within an established queer relationship. It contains mild gore, violence, and body horror. (On Tapas)


  • Unknown Lands A story about a bunch of punks with too much power for anyone’s good. – A bandit, a runaway heir, and a spirit-eating hunter end up bound to a dangerous pair of monsters called the Unknown. Forced to follow the whims of the Unknown, they travel around wreaking havoc and facing evil elves, greedy hunters, mythic monsters, ancient sorcerers and mysterious deities. …Until consequences catch up with them. (On Tapas)

Sabin Szabla

  • BANQUET The story of a young boy and his completely normal, not at all evil adoptive family: a court of soul devouring hellbeasts who reign over the Bottomless Pit! (Also on Tapas)

Laura Torvinen

T. Ahola

  • Harmiton Piru Uusille paholaiskokelaille on aina tarvetta varsinkin, kun heidän johtajansa Ylin on aktiivinen harventamaan hänen mielestään kelvottomia tapauksia. Harmiton piru -sarjakuva seuraa heistä tuoreimman kokelaan koetuksia. Hänen on onnistuttava löytää kokeneista paholaisista ne parhaimmat neuvonantajat, varoa varjolaisten oikkuja ja siedettävä enkelten vakoilua. Sarjakuvassa on mörköjä, siinä kiroillaan ja tehdään huumoria synkistä aiheista eikä se sovi perheen pienemmille.

Minna Sundberg

  • Stand Still Stay Silent “Stand Still. Stay Silent” is a post apocalyptic webcomic with elements from Nordic mythology, set 90 years in the future. It’s a story about friendship and exploring a forgotten world, with some horror, monsters and magic on the side.

Viima Äikäs

  • Surkea-sarjakuvablogi ‘Surkuhupaisaa’ on 2009 aloitettu sarjakuvablogi, joka toimii niin sarjispäiviksenä kuin paikkana jossa käyn taiteen kautta läpi tunteitani ja ajatuksiani. Sarjakuvat eivät välttämättä sovi alaikäisille aiheiden ollessa välillä rankkoja ja graafisia.

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