On this page, I have collected all my published comics and links to where you can read or purchase them. I publish my comics on Tapas, Webtoon and/or my Gumroad shop. Some of my comics are also available via

BSandL promotional image / mainoskuva

An alien crashes on Earth with a mighty bang. He’s alone on this strange planet, unable to communicate or ask for help. If only there was someone who could help him understand this new planet..!

Cover / kansi BSandL Fluff Zine
BSandL Fluff Zine (2020)

BSandL Fluff Zine is a collection of soft and sweet art featuring Black Star and Lim, the protagonists of the webcomic BSandL.

The zine contains also the Slow Dance mini comic that was originally published both on Patreon and Nilukka’s social media — with a secret ending!

Buy the BSandL Fluff Zine ebook online on my Gumroad shop.

Cover / kansi Boys Can Wear Make-Up Too
Boys Can Wear Make-Up Too (2019)

Manolo is just a regular boy who likes to watch make-up tutorial videos. And now he’s ready to buy his first make-up products ever. It should be easy ‒ right?

Buy the comic Boys Can Wear Make-Up Too online:

Boys Can Wear Nailpolish Too (2020)

Roberto’s brother Manolo likes makeup. Roberto knows that life is not always easy for a boy like his brother, but fortunately Manolo is supported by his family, friends and schoolmates.

But what about other boys like Manolo, Roberto wonders. How are they doing? And what can Roberto, a world-famous racing driver, do to help them?

Buy the comic Boys Can Wear Nailpolish Too online:

Illustration / kuvitus, Summertime

(On hiatus) What happens when you give up on your dream? — For as long as he can remember, Inni has dreamt of becoming a musician. Little by little, working hard, he’s getting closer to “making it”. But then various hardships force him to step back and reevaluate his goal. Will he find a new purpose for his life?

Cover / kansi Roses Are Red
Roses Are Red (2019) / Sillit purkissa (2017)

Read about the hilarious incidences in the lives of two university students, Lissa and Maria! Sillit purkissa was first published in 2017 as a paper zine. Its English version, Roses Are Red, was published in the Monthly OneShot anthology in 2019.

Old BSandL

The first version of BSandL was first published on Smackjeeves and Tapas in 2011-2013. Now, it has a new life on Patreon.

Cover / kansi The Plot Of A Generic Romantic Comedy
The Plot Of A Generic Romantic Comedy (2019)

This experimental comic combines typography, illustration, and narration to tell the quite predictable plot and outcome of a romantic comedy.

Cover / kansi Kuinka koiralle puhutaan
Kuinka koiralle puhutaan (2017)

Kuinka koiralle puhutaan -pienlehti tarjoaa joka sivulla koiramaisen tilanteen sekä sanallisen vastauksen. Hoksaatko, millä äänensävyllä kukin repliikki kuuluu lausua?

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